~Spreading Generosity~


~Spreading Generosity~

In about 2 weeks from August 25th (Sept 8th)

About Us

There is so much good online. So many good artists, creators, and dreamers. We want to help those dreams happen with real people, not with AI.

Rarity Project will be a non-profit donation-based grant program to help small and big creators alike pay for the things they may need, instead of resorting to AI.

Rarity Project is in association with Daily Dose of Pony. Check out their website below!

Rarity Project is not ready to send funds yet, because we're still setting things up. But please feel free to donate!

Legal Acknowledgments

Please read carefully!

While these words may seem scary in saying 'we can do whatever we want with the money' and 'we do not have to give funds to anyone', the purpose of this is to protect the project from malicious parties that attempt to use large donations to manipulate policy or attempt to claim we must grant funds to them no matter what, even if we rejected them for good reason.

Charity Status Statement
While we are a charity and function like a charity with no intention of profit, Rarity Project is not a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and thus must pay state and federal income tax based on earnings.
In its current legal status, Rarity Project is a "Sole Proprietor" run by Saphire Systrine, and will remain that way until the project can be expanded. Gaining 501(c)3 status is very expensive, has lots of requirements (like needing a full board of directors, dedicated secretary, manager, etc), and is just not achievable.

Donation Statement
When donating any amount to Rarity Project, you surrender all rights to those funds. You acknowledge that donating funds does not give you power or decision over how said funds are used, even if you attempted to designate said funds. All funds donated to Rarity Project are to be used at the sole discretion of the Rarity Project team.

Grant Statement
Rarity Project is not legally obliged to grant any amount of funds to any applicant, and all grants are at the full discretion of Rarity Project.

By continuing, you acknowledge and agree to all of the above.

What To Expect

When you apply, we will consider one primary factor for approval: Income. Channel size doesn't matter, but channel income does, as we wish to make sure funds go to those who truly need it!First, we'll investigate your channel to see if you have any ad revenue, patreon, or Kofi. Having these doesn't disqualify you from receiving funds, however, it will mean we'll need to check bank statements to see that you either do not have the funds needed or show the funds will be used for bills.If this is necessary, you will be emailed by rarityproject@protonmail.com, an encrypted email service, to ensure your privacy is kept completely safe.We will never ask for personal info like social security numbers, bank routing numbers, or addresses, and ask that specific important information be censored before sending bank statements. Further instructions will be given when you are contacted.Once you are approved, we will arrange payment. Payment will never go directly to you, except in very special circumstances. Rather, it will go directly to the party being paid, ie, the voice actor, artist, musician, etc.

To continue to the primary application, please click below


Please note our restricted content:Rarity Project will not fund pornography.Rarity Project will not fund projects that intend to use AI-generated content. We'd rather you use real people, and will supply what funds we have to help with that.

Choose where to donate!

Thank you so much for choosing to donate!Below are some options of where to donate. If you cannot donate to these, yet still wish to contribute, please email us at your.rarityproject@gmail.com

💎 AI Warriors! 💎

Who are they? They are VAs willing to jump into action to fight AI usage!

Whether it is dubbing over a previously-done set of AI lines, or just jumping into the project the moment it's found, these VAs are there to respond quickly to the need for voice talent for projects who felt their only option was AI!


As an AI warrior, your responsibilities are to...

  • Quickly respond and record (within a week)

  • Be willing to wait on payment (if necessary)

  • Be willing to potentially sacrifice a 'minimum amount' requirement, or donate the unused credit to other projects

  • Promote the fact you combatted AI by offering your services via Rarity Project

  • Promote the completed project as done with Rarity Project

Many small creators feel trapped by being unable to pay for lines or find VAs. You are there to step in and give them hope.By combatting AI with love and willingness to help others, you protect not only your job but those of future creators like you who face the threat of replacement. By being willing to step in at a moment's notice, we can show others that there is a better way than AI!